MyWall Ltd ballistic testing Engineering was established in 2007 to provide testing and conformity assessment services for personal protection and related devices.

We are the leading and the sole independent laboratory in Israel.

MyWall. specializes in providing anti-ballistic solutions, as well as developing solutions per customer needs.

Our know-how and expertise are as follow:

  1. An Accumulation of forty years of development, testing and applying personal protection through vehicles and airborne units, as well as “sensitive” buildings, institutions and equipment
  2. Being an ultimate “front” for development, testing  supplying of combined solutions, based on the most up to date materials and combining technologies as per clients needs
  3. We serve military, police and secret service forces. In addition, we provide Anti – ballistic services  to some nations, military & Police arms
  4. Our ballistic Lab. is internationally accepted. We meet any required international standard
  5. we are ISO 9001-2008 certified
  6. We test fragments in the range of 2 grains up to 20mm and ammunition from 5.45mm up to 14.5 AP

Our policy is to co-operate with or customers in providing  them services as follow:

  • Based on client’s specifications developing the Ballistic panels and solutions for the project
  • Providing test results for approval
  • Providing tested samples, tests and production procedures