The company facility’s encompasses a dedicate computer controlled laboratory for ballistics testing, which maintains appropriate and standardized temperature and humidity test environment.

MyWall is fully equipped to conduct testing in accordance with the following internationally recognized standards:

  • NIJ 0101.04 & NIJ 0101.06 – Bullet resistance tests
  • NIJ 0108.01 – Bullet resistance protective material
  • Nato Stang 2920 – Ballistic test method for personal armors
  • MIL STD 662 F – Fragments test
  • NIJ 0106.01 – Ballistic helmets
  • STANG 4569 – Vehicles

The Company’s laboratory is capable of testing ammunition’s up to 14.5 AP and fragments from 2 grains up to 20mm

MyWall is authorized to perform ballistic testing in Israel to:

  • IDF-Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • Israeli Interior Ministry
  • Israel Police and Special Forces

Testing live amunition of 7.62 AK 47

Testing live amunition of Magnum 44