MyWall employs a team of ballistic testing experts and engineers with 100 years of collective experience as follows:

  1. Testing bullet resistant armors
  2. Personal body armors
  3. Vests, Plates, Shields and Helmets
  4. Personal protective equipment
  5. Vehicle armors

Yuval Fuchs

Mr. Yuval Fuchs – President & owner Ltc ( R )

A worldwide authority in consulting, developing and testing of all anti-ballistic applications.

Mr. Fuchs is the CEO and president of MyWall Ltd

  • Has Forty five years of practice in the developing , consulting as well as testing of Anti-ballistic and protecting systems and products with leading companies around the world
  • Is worldwide known as a professional authority in the arsenal and Anti-ballistic protecting applications

Dan Zarchin

Mr. Dan Zarchin – Vice president

  • Has gained over 30 years of experience as Marketing and International Business Development in the Ballistic industry field.
  • Is regarded a leader in Israel and overseas in the ballistic textile field and works closely with the Israeli MOD and other international institutions all  throughout years.
  • His vast experience plays a main role in the company business development and marketing.

Achi Rogel

Mr. Achi Rogel- Mgr. of Administration, Finance and International affairs

  • Has experienced international marketing in the areas of Civil Security systems and products as well as Medical Disposable products
  • Managing built up and marketing of Industrial Parks for High – Tech tenants, Feasibility study in the areas of recycling of Plastic (Polymers) materials and products and purchasing of recycling factories

Vitaly Gordon

Mr . Vitaly Gordon – Operation Manager

  • Is responsible for the operational procedure of the company
  • Has 15 years of involvement in practical testing and operating of the company’s ballistic lab as well as developing and producing Prototypes
  • Is in charge of production, manpower and maintenance operations

Semyon Korobko

Mr. Semyon Korobko – lab Operational Manager

  • Is responsible for executing the shooting procedures
  • Is responsible for producing, maintenance and operation of the shooting lab